Building Generational Memories at HF Bar Ranch, Wyoming
By Peggy Young

I first arrived at the HF Bar Ranch in the trunk of a car. That’s right. In the trunk of an old white Chevy to be exact. My soon-to-be husband, Gary, was in Wyoming with his brother, we were newly engaged, and his brother and I schemed a surprise visit. And let me tell you, once I stepped foot onto the grounds of this rustic ranch, I fell in love with the place immediately.

My husband’s family started going to the HF Bar Ranch in 1956, and until I had a chance to go there myself, I didn’t realize how much it had shaped who he is.

Fast forward—after the wedding, and after our first child, Jake, was born in 1988. We brought our son when he was just old enough to receive his first pocketknife when he turned seven. I was pregnant with our second son, Cooper, when we returned for a family gathering to celebrate several milestones, and a few years later we were back to experience the Ranch once more.


Each of the thirty cabins is unique and steeped in the history of the Ranch. Built over the years, they house from two to twelve, and are located on either side of a creek that runs through the Ranch. All are rustic, homey, and provide an authentic old west environment.

Blocks of ice are delivered to an icebox on the porch. Firewood is stacked in the fireplace. No in-room television or telephones, but a step back to the past to a simpler time of accommodation and comfort.

The history of HF Bar is apparent in the names of the guests that return each year. Multi-generation families continue to spend summertime enjoying the same activities that their great-grandparents did years ago.
A feeling of family is evident throughout the Ranch, and communal dining encourages conversation and conviviality. Delicious varied meals are offered around a schedule, though anytime you’re hungry there’s something available. Whether you have a finicky eater, desire healthy or hearty options, or have dietary restrictions, the kitchen staff will make certain you’ll be satisfied.


HF Bar Ranch is run by Margi Schroth, and is home to her five children and a menagerie of pets and farm animals. Margi has an enormous gift of making everyone feel welcome and individually cared for while at the Ranch. Since 1979, her leadership and stewardship has allowed the Ranch to stay true to its early beginnings while maintaining a concern for ecology and the land.

When I look at photos from other travels, I’m reminded of where I went but not necessarily of how I felt. When I look at photos from my visits to HF Bar Ranch, I remember how I felt there—it’s ingrained. At HF Bar Ranch, you’ll make the kinds of memories that will live with you forever.

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HF Bar Ranch
1301 Rock Creek Road
Saddlestring, Wyoming 82840
Call for rates and availability:  307-684-2487 

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Peggy Young has been in the travel industry since 1981, and specializes in site selection and contract negotiation for groups.


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