The Ameswell: New Mountain View Hotel aims well,
Hits the Mark on Luxury, Tech Wellness
By Kathy Chin Leong

AmeswellFall21-5.jpg“Keep that chest tall and proud!” My 269 classmates and I are copying the moves of Lance our trainer, and I am killing these squat jumps.  “Great work!” cries the muscle-ridden guru.  He extends a high-five to us sweaty beasts who have tuned in from around the world. 

Lance is one of many chiseled instructors on The Mirror, a $1500, full length exercise mirror with thousands of live and recorded fitness sessions.  I’m not at home, but inside one of the Wellness guestrooms at The Ameswell Hotel, Silicon Valley’s newest lodging venture that honors the area’s rich pioneering spirit and steps forward with a posh wellness vibe that’s approachable, fun, and tech-savvy.  Robot busboys? Oh yeah!

Silicon Valley, which encompasses Palo Alto, Mountain View, Cupertino, and Sunnyvale, has graced the world with inventions galore. Born by hard work and grit, “the valley” has not always served as a healthy place to live.  Harsh deadlines meant that tech workers would often sleep overnight in their offices and cubicles.  On-site cafeterias, napping pods, and laundry rooms meant that employees could stay on campus and never have to leave.

AmeswellFall21-6.jpgWELL, WELL, WELL
The Ameswell,  innovative and rambuntious, delivers on what this valley needs: rest, balance, and elegance. Debuting this July 2021 on the heels of the pandemic, the Mountain View property endured eight long years of legislative wrangling over construction and building time before it could finally open. It was delayed by one year due to forced construction stoppages.  Today, the wellness theme is more important than ever as the world needs to be revived with hope and joy. This hotel caters to business travelers, tourists, and locals in desperate need of a clean getaway.

Here’s the good news: the 4 and 5-story, L-shaped building was constructed with wellness in mind.  The 255 rooms and suites feature individual medical-grade filters so guests never share a whiff of the same air.  The entire building was crafted following a high standard of sound proofing (according to Sound Transmission Classification or STC protocols if you need to know) so your ears are not assaulted with noise from other rooms or the freeway. 

Management at the hotel stressed that its water goes through a high-grade filtration system and when it comes to the drinking water on tap, those faucets come with additional filters so you get double filtering.  Such “advanced”  filtration spigots with still and sparkling water are available at key stops within the hotel.   The one by the restaurant also offers a hot water dispensing lever. I loved that ability to replenish my tea thermos.  

Whenever I travel, I love to work out in new places. The hotel’s state-of-the-art fitness center, located behind the salt-water swimming pool, will not disappoint. The vast 1,600-square-foot gym is the first one I have seen that provides the Lululemon exercise mirror which televises exercise classes from kick boxing to yoga.  Then there are the Peloton bicycles, the latest in bicycle training with live classes you can activate on the screen.  In Nebuild a pedestrian bridge and walking path.

AmeswellFall21-1.jpgEight designated Wellness rooms are sequestered in the Wellness Wing. These come equipped with that same exercise mirror, hand weights, and stretch bands. Mini-fridges offer the G.O.A.T energy drinks to complete the theme. And if a massage is needed, dedicated massage rooms are situated in the same corridor. 

Hard core exercise is not your thing? How about games?  The front lawn features old fashioned corn hole, giant Jenga, and more.  Nearby are inflatable plastic chairs with yoga mats so guests can stretch and relax, and actually enjoy being away from a computer (if that is even possible).  The day I arrived, families were tossing balls to their dogs, visitors striking up conversations on the imitation lawn, and couples hanging out by the pool.  

And in keeping with its sustainability ethos, the hotel provides electric car charging stations.  Solar panels on the entire rooftop power light fixtures around the property. In the restrooms are refillable dispensers containing organic Juice Beauty bath products endorsed by celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow.  All disposable goods from the restaurant are recyclable. 

Nested  in the heart of the tech corridor, The Ameswell Hotel is named in honor of NASA Ames, the space research center next door. In addition to sustainability, a high stake has been placed on its striking décor. Bold, colorful floor tiles from Nicaragua and reclaimed crates that have been transformed into wooden ‘clouds’ are just the start. 

Themes of flight and technology are echoed throughout the premises.  The library is tastefully festooned with NASA astronaut and airplane models, black and white images of dirigibles, color photos of the cosmos, books on space missions and flight.  One corner pays homage to the fact that there is a nature preserve nearby, so a print of two storks dons a wall next to a stack of bird books. 

Board room names include inspirational words, each named after a NASA space mission such as “Pioneer,” “Discovery,” and “Curiosity.” 

AmeswellFall21-2.jpgAt least 18 significant original art pieces draw the eye. Techy-nerd art is quite the attraction, particularly the lobby’s neon spiral that changes colors every few seconds.   Then there’s the clock that tells the time by lighting numbers that are spelled out in text.  In the lobby is a living room couch grouping surrounded by animated digital art such as flapping birds flying across the seven screens. On another wall is series of shots taken in space from the Hubble telescope.  

Guestrooms and suites tout tech luxuries we all crave and have come to expect. A whopping 65-inch Smart television features Netflix and YouTube, excellent for binge watching and eating popcorn in bed – just sayin’.  And you can bet we used the bedside tables and desk outlets for our cell phones and laptops.  The matte black, design-forward Fellow Stagg EKG electric hot water kettle with a digital readout let me select my ideal water temp for coffee. 

Soft luxury is not forgotten, either. This is evidenced in the white fluffy robes hanging in the closet and the cool Italian Rivolta bed linens.

At the same time, the hotel acknowledges its retro roots. Much of Silicon Valley was built in the 1960s and 1970s. Hence, Mid-Century Modern wood chairs, plush couches, and wood tables are similar to the styles found in the board rooms of Hewlett Packard and IBM back in the day.   

AmeswellFall21-4.jpgFOOD & MORE

On the food and beverage scene, the hotel boasts an indoor/outdoor bar and a fine dining restaurant called Roger which means “received” in aviation lingo.  On the menu are casual and significant eats. The tomato and mozzarella flatbread was bursting with basil pesto flavor, but our favorite was the roasted salmon dish that held up well with its dill yogurt companion.  And it is at Roger where you’ll be amused by the quiet busboy robots that glide from dining room to kitchen, carrying soiled dishes and utensils nary a complaint.  

The space is integrated with Flyby, a grab-and-go counter that sells coffees, drinks, snacks, and simple breakfast and lunch items.  These three areas merge with the other and are open to the public.

Already, The Ameswell is delighting the community with live music weekly, and in the future, it intends to partner with local luminaries to provide its own version of Ted talks.   Miscellaneous events are slated to intrigue such as the fundraiser and private cocktail reception with former football player Jerry Rice held in September. 

Tech-savvy rooms, sustainable features and amenities, on-point interior design, and community programs just leads us to say:  “All’s well that Ameswell!” 


The Ameswell Hotel
800 Moffett Boulevard
Mountain View, CA

Rates start at $329

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