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Spring Products for Your Convenience

Comfort Socks

Why didn't anyone think of this before?  Keysocks ( meet the need for women who want to wear nice shoes, but don't want the bulkiness of thick socks.  It doesn't look nice, and it appears clunky. And when you don't wear socks, you get nasty blisters that really aren't worth the sake of beauty, right?  Enter Keysocks, a pair of thin knee-high socks that will keep you blister  free.  So, you can wear those heels under your pants, and the open top of your foot stays bare, but the back heel and sole are covered.  I tried them. True to their advertisement, these do not wriggle out of place, bunch up, nor do they itch.  Very comfortable. These have appeared on TV's Today Show, Shark Tank and a litany of magazines and blogs.   Keysocks come in patterned sporty looks, nude, and solid colors. Price: $9. Affordable, useful, and now... essential.  

Comfort Food

Chevoo is billed as an "infusion of happiness." That's a title which is a lot to live up to.  Chevoo (  is a mom-and-pop operation that makes unique infused goat cheese. It takes delectable goat curd, skillfully blends the curd with spices and herbs, and floats those pieces in tasty olive oil that has also been infused with crushed herbs and botanicals.  The result is a spreadable cheese that can flow effortlessly on bagels and your favorite toasts. The Chevoo is multi-tasking as it  can also be crumbled in chunks over  pasta or salads or pizzas.  And that's not all: the goat cheese can be melted on grilled veggies for a serene texture.  Right now, the product comes packaged in attractive gift jars in three flavors: smoked sea salt & rosemary, California dill pollen & garlic, and Aleppo-Urfa chili & lemon.  You can buy Cheevoo at Whole Foods, cheese shops, and specialty stores around the Bay Area. Retail cost: $12.99 for 7.1 ounce jar.

Comfort Book

All Aboard the London Bus, by Patricia Toht, is an ideal, big format picture book to read before you take the kids on a London trip.  Or you can whet their appetite for a future excursion. This $15 hard cover children's book is as lovely as it is useful. In this story, a family rides on board a red, double decker bus. They go on adventures through the city including visits to Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, and more.  Colorful and detailed illustrations will keep the little ones turning page after page, wondering, "What's next?"  The upbeat tone of the text is jolly and satisfying.  Educational content woven within rhythmical and lyrical prose will make this book a keeper, even for us fun-loving adults. See for details.   

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