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The Posey Book (The Countryman Press) – Have you ever discovered such a beautiful tome that you promise yourself that you will never, ever let it go?  We found one!  The Posy Book by Teresa H. Sabankaya is a romantic hardcover treatise about flowers, and the little bouquet bundles called posies. This volume tells the reader about the history, the meaning behind individual flowers, how to make different kinds for different occasions.  And then there are the gorgeous photos that will make you want to frame each page.  Reading this most pleasurable book is like taking a visit to her garden and listening her talk to you over a cup of tea.  She says, “By my own definition, a posy is a small flower bouquet-an intimate circular gathering of flowers, plans, and herbs that convey messages in the language of flowers,” she writes.  “They’re like floral greeting cards.”

How does this relate to travel?  Well, these posies can make for wonderful hostess gifts when you are going to visit a special friend.  Make one at home, and keep it in a cooler in the car until you get to the destination. She is very convincing in her book, and it seems that even those of us who are all thumbs can make a pretty decent posy. The author and renowned floral instructor operates Bonny Doon Garden Company in Santa Cruz, and her lovely creations have graced the pages of Elle magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, and many other publications.  Retail: $24.95.  Available online at

Organic Ocho Chocolate – There’s a new chocolate buddy on the block, and its name is Ocho.  What’s new about this brand is that its ingredients are organic, and so you can feel less guilty next time you indulge.  Available in a 3.5 ounce bag of bite-sized minis and in candy bar size, the treats are delish. No chemical or weird tastes inhabit the product.  It’s sheer chocolate-forward taste.  Seven flavors include milk and dark chocolate with filling combinations of coconut, peanut butter, jelly, caramel,  and peppermint.  The verdict? Three yums up!  Retail: $1.99 to $4.99. To purchase, visit or take a stroll to your local Target or Safeway store. 

Re:THINK Ice Cream - An odd name, perhaps, but the founders  George and Kim Haymaker are those kind of out-of-the-box thinkers,  and they have out-of-the-box flavors waiting for you such as tumeric ginger and cardamom pistachio.  The ice cream brand is striking a chord wiht consumers, and this is why: the products with pre-biotic fiber, protein, and anti-inflammatory properties are very appealing to the health conscious as the pints are sweetened with agave, not sugar, and contain half the calories of regular ice cream and less fat as well.  Does this mean that ice cream is finally good for you?  We cannot make that claim, but at least you no longer have to sneak around to enjoy a bowl of the frozen stuff.  Our favorites include the Chocolate Majesty, Coffee Hazelnut, and Mint wtih Chocolate Flakes. Retail: $6.99.  See 

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