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The Stuff that Comes in Handy for Everyday LIfe and Travel

Aug2015-product-3.jpgReCAP Mason Jars: This handy product line will make you think, "Why didn't I think of that?" What we're talking about is a series of pracical lids for the time-tested, venerable mason jar. Just think of all those Classico Mason jars for spaghetti sauces that you must have lying around the house. We loved the different products in this line, especially the plastic pour cap ($7) that is simply amazing to use as we can put it on the lid for nuts and seeds in our pantry. The wide mouth lid is good for larger snack items such as wrapped candies. The lids are great for on-the-road adventures, carrying precious homemade granola or cookies on the run.  And the lid is leak-proof so it will not drip if you decide to pour in homemade lemonade for a field trip or two. 

Also in the lineup of products are $7 lids for sprayers for liquids (spraying indoor plants or for ironing) and regular pumps for dispensing soap or even olive oil. Designed by entrepeneur Karen Rzepecki, the product is taking off and getting publicity on Good Morning America and also Better Homes and Gardens. Kudos to small business!  See www.  

Wojo Wallet: When you go for a run, don't you find it cumbersome to have to bring your backpack or fanny pack? Wouldn't it be easier if you could just put your personal items in your pocket and not worry about it jingling about?   The Wojo wallet is a thin flexible silicone/neoprene sleeve, a minimalist wallet that can hold up to six cards. And a firm, wide band slides over it so that you can secure a bill or a key to the top.  The stuff stays real secure, and it comes in green, blue, red, black, and pink.  Cost: $12.95. See

Snack foods to bring on the Road

Drazil Kids Tea: If you never heard of Drazil Kids Tea, it is time you have. Little box drinks are usually full of sugars and not good for anyone really, but this is a line of drinks where caffeine free teas are infused with fruit juice. Hence, flavors include: Yummy Berry, Garpe Bliss, Peach Passion, and Tropical Burst.  They are portable, tasty and refreshing and healthy to drink with 35 percent less sugar than other juices.  No gluten, no added sugar, no preservatives, no brainer!  Available at Safeway.  See  

I Heart Keenwah Snacks:  Love crunchy stuff, but scared because most crunchy things are not good for you? This spring, I Heart Keenwah launched a series of quinoia snacks called Quinoa Puffs in four flavors: Herbes de Provence, Salt Truffle, Aged Cheddar, and Sweet Chili. Totally certified gluten-free and also non-GMO based, this is a on-the-go delicious snack made with the super food, quinoa.  Think of ball-shaped cheese puffs, and you'll get the idea.

Another product is the line of Quinoa Clusters. These small clusters are  vegan, soy free, and packed with protein.  The Quinoa Cluster flavors include: Chocolate Sea Salt, Cashew Cranberry and Peanut Butter Cacao. These snacks will satisfy that sweet tooth, and the only thing you have to worry about is when to stop eating them!  See

Island Treasures Rum Cakes: Not for the dieter, the yummy rum cakes are a treat and great for the holidays. You can buy mini rum cakes and take them with you on the plane or in the car. Bring them as gifts to the relatives. Slice them up and enjoy them together. We opened the little ones in 4 oz. packs, and found them  excellent to to serve with berries and ice cream. What a hit!

Mini rum cakes are great because you don't have to worry about what to do with leftovers. The cakes come in vanilla, cinnamon peacan streusel, coconut, chocolate, banana, and raspberry. Cost: $5.95 each. Larger rum cakes at 32.oz sized sell for $24.95 and keep for four months or longer if frozen.  Suitable for all ages, the cakes have less than .5 percent. Sold in Honey Baked Ham and selected Hallmark gift shops. See  




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