New Products

Wipe It Clean!
Who would have known there can be so many needs for wipes? Savvy Travelers makes a variety of wet wipes that act as antiperspirant, makeup remover, mouth freshener, computer keyboard wipe, cellphone surface cleaner, and the classic hand wipe.  For $15, you get the clear view carry tote, and a set of 16 wipes.  The little squares are extremely handy, and you will still have room in your tote for your regular toiletries.  See

Box it Up!
Ever have that niggling juice box that leaks all over the car? Or the snack box that suddenly has its lid popped off for no apparent reason, and now you have Cheerios all over the back seat? The folks at Precidio of Canada have heard our cries.  They have developed a super colorful refillable drink bottle called Drink in a Box. It is shaped as a box in four colors: raspberry, blue, neon green, and orange.  The box has its own straw and the lid pops open at the touch of a button. Instead of using fruit juice, you can now fill this with water and sliced fruit to save on calories and unwanted sugar to ruin kids’ teeth.

In addition, the company has developed an ingenious Snack in the Box, a rectangular box with two vertical chambers to hold your dream snacks: dried fruit, cereal, granola, nuts and seeds, and anything else that will satisfy a small crazing.  These two products range in price from $7 to $20, and parent reviews are, on the whole, stunning. Where to buy? Goold ol’

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