New Products for Summer 2018

Alkaline water bottle
ProductsJuly18-1.jpgNational Hydration Day is on June 23rd and whether it comes and goes,  here's something for the professional athlete, casual gym-goer or someone who is simply looking to increase their H2O intake. DYLN ( is offering eco-friendly, stainless steel, alkaline water bottles for $46 each.  

Bridging the gap between wellness and convenience, DYLN’s Living Water Bottles makes the consumption of alkaline antioxidant water portable, reusable and affordable. Alkaline bottles are available for purchase online and features a bamboo Cap, silicon sleeve in 7 colors, and replaceable VitaBead Diffuser. The diffuser is useable for 400 refills. 

 Good Idea No-Sugar Sparking Beverages
Good Idea is a sparkling water with a hint of sweetness, but is sugar free. The product, available only online at, is available in orange mango and lemon lime flavors.  Located in San Francisco, the company is tailoring the drink towards towards adults and kids who will find this as a good sugar-drink substitute.

According to the founders, the product offers substantial amino acids and chromium that are proveen to help the body “handle the blood sugar spike following an ordinary meal rich in fast carbs.”  Good Idea comes from years of R&D driven by its partnet company Aventure AB in Sweden.  “We´re on a mission to bring health to the table,” says GoodIdea Inc´s CEO Björn Öste. “Many of the meals we eat, like burgers, pizzas, fries and even sushi contain fast carbs that turn into sugar in the blood vessels. In the long run this puts a strain on the body, and adding soda makes the problem even worse. We see a trend coming, where people replace their sugary drinks with water, and adding the functionality of Good Idea, we are at the forefront.” 

 “When you have a carb-rich meal for lunch, you will feel almost instantly energized, just to fall into the afternoon slump shortly after. What happens is that the blood sugar spikes, and then drops again like a stone. You feel drowsy, and if you give in to the cravings for something sweet, it is all on repeat. Unfortunately this all too common eating pattern poses a severe threat to your health and is one of the foremost risk factors behind obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.” 

The roll-out in NorCal is currently covering around 25 stores and growing. According to Öste, the area was an obvious choice, since it is densely populated by health consentious people who are early adopters of products with true functionality and promote a sustainable lifestyle. The product is available on its website for $59.99 for 24, 12 ounce cans.

Nudo Olive Oil
The small cans are portable, and that’s great when you are planning a trip and want to cook something special at the cabin or timeshare. This 100 percent extra virgin olive oil is award-winning for its aromatic, grassy fragrance and color.  Direct from Italy from small batch producers, Nudo Adopt is quite an unsual company. The products are beautifully packaged in tins, but unusual is the promotion to adopt an olive tree and support a farmer.  This program has been in place for more than ten years.

Now it has come to our attention.  Program participants adopt a tree and can do so online.  By spending $79, $150, or more, adoptive “parents” can choose a tree and also receive shipments of oil from that grove.  The tree is yours as long as you support it, and you can arrange to even visit.  The money goes to the farmer to help him or her sustain and maintain a living. Further, the progam is set up so you can gift it to someone you care about as a long lasting sentiment.  It’s a deemed win-win for all. Plus, the olive oil is amazing.  You can even purchase cans online without adopting a tree.  See

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