Product Reviews: A Pillow and a Book-That's all you Need for Now!

Comfy Commuter: Don't you hate it when you fall asleep on the plane, and your head tilts over and winds up on the shoulder of a stranger while you are also drooling in your dreams?  Fear no more!  The Comfy Commuter is a neck pillow that folds into the convenient storage bag attached to the pillow.  It wraps around your head and has a chin strap if you need more security. Machine washable and machine dryable on the low setting, the pillow was put into testing for more than two years before being released on the market.  Founders discovered that users also enjoyed using the pillow around the house while watching TV to relieve neck pain and soreness.  Meanwhile, the matching gray blanket is a perfect companion to this useful travel accessory.  Price: $54.99 Available online at .

Book Review: Rumble Yell by Brian David Bruns is a fun, fast romp taking you on the nation's longest bike ride that runs through the state of Iowa each summer.  Called RAGBRAI (Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa), the trek is 500 miles long, up and down the hills of America's heartland.  Bruns takes up the challenged offered by his super cool buddy Aaron.  What makes this book distinctive is Bruns' humor that carries readers from Page One all the way until the end on Page 264.  Living in the heat of Las Vegas, he trains intensely for the ride since he is a novice bike rider.  If you are like me, you can identify his desire to try new things and tackle the hard stuff that seems beyond human measure.  I am a newbie cyclist, and this book certainly caught my attention.  

The novel is his second effort following Cruise Confidential where he chronicles the things that go on behind-the-scenes on a cruise ship where he worked for one year.  Again, his humor is spot on with detailed anecdotes and clever phrasing that only a true comic could have drummed up.  

I am still enjoying and savoring the pages of Rumble Yell, and I'm sure I won't want the journey to end when I get to the conclusion of the book.  Details: Rumble Yell, $14.95, 264 pages. Available on Check out the author on

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