Product Review: ShaveTech cordless shaver
By Kathy & Frank Leong

ProductsSept13-1.jpgWe get products rolling into our offices all the time, but when we received the cordless ShaveTech shaver that plugs into the computer's USB port, we were excited to put it to the test. Would the shaver be of high enough quality to actually work or would it be another tradeshow giveaway?  To Frank's surprise the $29.99 product works as well as a traditional shaver. It features a replaceable blade cartridge and has a simple on/off setting. The vibrating head, says, Frank is powerful enough to deliver a smooth experience. 

The fact that it plugs into the computer, makes it extremely handy. Say you are going into a meeting and want to look clean shaven.  You can go into the bathroom, turn on your PC, and plug in your shaver.  New cars also have USB ports, and you would even shave in the car if needed.  

It is slim and small, and uses the USB to charge the battery. The first time you use it, you need to charge it for about eight hours.  Since he's owned it for three months, he has only had to charge it once a month. The benefit of charging it directly into your USB port on the PC means that you won't have to have a separate docking station or piece of hardware.    

Bottom Line: Frank gives it a thumbs up. Although skeptical at first, he is delighted with the product and now uses it regularly. 

ShaveTech: ShaveTech is the only power source USB shaver on the market. Its sleek, non-electric charging design renders it easily portable for lightweight traveling (MSRP $29.99). Available in both black and white. See

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