Safari Etiquette
By Margaret Bain

(If you ever have the chance to go on an African safari, here are your dos and don’t when it comes to tipping. – Editors)

BAFT:Do people tip drivers and tour guides?

BAIN: Yes! Many companies employ a driver and a guide per truck.Others employ one person who is both driver and guide.Really, there is no reason that a driver and a guide should not be the same person. A guide who can’t drive, or a driver who can’t guide, should not be taking clients on safari.But it does happen!

Here is a tip guide which should take care of all instances:

1) For a good safari guide, $20 per day, per guide, for a party of two persons in a truck, is recommended for each day you are on safari.For each additional client per truck, please budget an additional $5 per day.

2) If an apprentice guide happens to accompany you on your trip, it is not necessary to tip the apprentice, unless you feel he has added in some extraordinary way to your experience.

3) Tips to camp crew - if you are doing private, luxury camping - $5 per crew member, per party of two clients, for each day spent camping is recommended. Please add $2 – $3 per day for each additional client.
Crew consists of: Waiter, Camp Attendant, Supply truck driver 

4) In addition to assisting you while camping this crew is responsible for setting up and breaking down your elaborate luxury camp.

5) Tips to safari chef - if you are camping - $10 per day, per party of two clients, for each day spent camping.Please add $3 - 5 per day for each additional client.

6) If you feel any one person (porter, guide, camp crew, chef, etc.) has performed above and beyond “good”, higher tips are recommended at your discretion.

7) If you feel a smaller tip is necessary, please feel free to use your discretion.But, please let us know why!It will be the only way we know we need to take some kind of corrective action

8) Porters at lodges should be tipped according to normal hotel standards, I.E., $1.00 per bag for baggage assistance, and at your discretion for other assistance.

9) Certain very upscale lodges have personal assistants or butlers who cater to your every need.$5-$10 per day, per room attendant, is recommended for tipping these assistants.

10) Most lodges include tips (10 – 15%) in restaurant and bar bills.However, for excellent service, leaving an extra dollar or two would be most welcome.If you are unsure if tips are included in your bill, ask at the front desk.

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