Green Travel Tips Boost Planet Survival, Easy to Use
By Michael Radlick

Looking to be just a little bit more green on your next trip with the kids? Here are a few little tricks that won’t even seem to be painful! 

Holidays and weekend are opportunities  for families and friends to hop in a car and go on a quick getaway. Opting to take one car (instead of several) significantly reduces greenhouse emissions and makes for an entertaining round of carpool karaoke.

Choose snacks that are close to how nature intended them and produced by companies that care about their ingredients. Harmless Harvest is a coconut water company that practices sustainable farming methods, which have minimal impact on the planet. Choose wisely, stay hydrated and drink up!

You may not realize this, but hotels are large energy consumers when it comes to energy and water use (e.g. lighting, air conditioning, laundry). Instead of booking a room at a hotel, consider packing a tent and going camping instead. You'll reduce your impact on the environment and be closer to nature. 

There are few better ways to sightsee than by bicycle. Leave your personal bike at home and rent from a local bike shop. Not only will your ride emit zero pollution, your family and friends will also get a great workout!  Because in the end, what's good for you is also good for the planet.

Radlick works at Harmless Harvest Coconut Water, a company that is “revolutionizing impact the beverage industry has on the planet with it's ecosystem-based business model.”

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