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A New Ice Cream Sandwich Shop, a renovated Lake Tahoe Resort, a new Alcatraz Night Tour
Ups the Ante on Family Fun

HomeFeb16-2.jpgNews flash! There's a new ice cream vendor in town, and it's not Baskin Robbins.  Proprietor Joseph Halloum is putting a new spin on the ice cream sandwich, folks, To find out, you will have to go to The Baked Bear, found at 2824 Jones Street,  in a food concession trailer in Fisherman's Wharf.  Hey, this is great news for every kid and the kid in all of us who LOVE ice cream.

The Baked Bear affords customers the opportunity to enjoy a custom designed ice cream sandwich. You can choose to smoosh your ice cream between a cookie, brownie or a donut, or a mix of two pastry items. These are baked from scratch. Then choose between eight flavors of ice cream, also made from scratch, then a topping. Voila! And the best news is that nothing is priced over $6.  Mr. Halloum even has tables in fronof htis shop for 20 guests, and he is open 11-9 p.m. Sunday through Thursay, and on Frieday and Saturday he stays open until 11 p.m. See  

And while you are in San Francisco, take a cruise on the bay and visit our friends on Alcatraz. See our view of the fantastic Alcatraz Night Tour, and see if you and your kids are willing to go behind the bars at night!

NorcalFeb16-1.jpgComing upon the springtime, it is still a great time to go skiing with our El Nino weather patterns. And for that reason, we bring you our review of Resort at Squaw Creek, where owners have poured in $7 million to remodel this luxury hotel with other 400 rooms and suites.  To be sure, all the ski resorts are open still for business, and we will be writing about snow until there ain't any more on the ground.

Meanwhile, our intrepid correspondent, Barbara Barton Sloane, has been extremely busy.  She tells us all about her adventure in Telluride, Colorado where kids can join a skateboarding class and learn to scale a climbing well.  She also takes the wraps off a spa she visited while the rest of the group was skiing. 

If you are looking for a new place to take the family this spring, consider Mendocino. Its many festivals, casual restaurants, and hiking trails will reinvigorate your kids.  Check out our calendar page to see what is going on in Mendo, and all around the Bay Area and beyond. 

DealsHawaiiFeb16.jpgNeed to save a few bucks, but want to go on a short vacation? Skim our Deals page to snag the best bargains in Chicago, Texas, Hawaii, and locally as well.  

In the market for a new car? We test drive the Lincoln MKC, an SUV with so many features it made our heads twirl, and twirl, and twirl.  Check out our review on the Products page. 

We are continually adding new information to our website, and no two visits will be alike.  Keep us posted on what you like to read about, and we will do our best to accommodate!

Happy Springtime!

Kathy Chin Leong

Executive Editor


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