The Spring Go List for 2021:  San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Paso Robles, Carmel, Santa Clara, Healdsburg

HomeSpring21-1.jpgLet's first address the R Word: Racism 

We, the team behind Bay Area Family Travel, publicly stand in solidarity with the Asian American community in Atlanta and all those of color who have been attacked, both verbally and physically, in the United States.  We denounce the recent March 16, 2021 murders of six women of Asian descent where sexism and racism cannot be ignored.  Whether police categorize this as a hate crime or not,  it is obvious the slayings were not motivated by love.  Hence, hate crime. 

We stand in solidarity with Asian American Pacific Islanders nationwide, specifically denouncing the brutal and even fatal attacks against the Chinese elderly that has terrorized this vulnerable population in Oakland and San Francisco.

 May each of us seek to build bridges of understanding with education and conversation, looking for areas of commonality rather than differences.  What does this all have to do with travel?  Any person of color, religion, or sexual orientation must be allowed to travel freely within this country at least, without fear of being harrassed or attacked.  Do I need to avoid places in the U.S. where few minorities exist?  Let us know your thoughts at We can post your thoughts in our next issue.  

We know you've been wondering what you can do to effect change during this racially-tension filled season.  For starters, you can visit San Francisco's Chinatown.  Explore my new book on, and also go to a Chinatown Alleyway Tour after you read this article.  eeling cooped up after all these months. Hang in there!  Everyone has a different risk tolerance when it comes to going outside, but we have been exploring our local trails and bike pathways, ocean boardwalks, and urban centers, too.   

Since it is spring, now is the time to go out and do some hiking. We review the Mori Point hiking trail, ideal for everyone in the family with wheelchair access, stairs, and excellent Pacific ocean views. 

An urban city lover, are you?  Zip through our 22 Unique Things to Do in San Francisco  story to explore this City by the Bay even further.  

For those of you parents who are at home doing remote learning with your kiddos, we hear you and so do local hotels.  Recently, a bevy of hotels have launched hotel packages designed for workers at home, remote learners, and families where everyone works and learns from home. 

NorthbayInterconWinter2020-6.jpgWe first review the San Francisco Intercontinental's Hotel Homeroom Package.  My sister brought her three kids to experience what it is like to do remote learning from a hotel ballroom that's turned into a remote learning center.  Her son Mitchell is pictured on the left taking an AP exam!   It was definitely a change of pace and a lot of fun for the kids.  Check out our story here

Over in Menlo Park, the Park James Hotel has also debuted a "Work from the Park James" promotional providing adults a hotel room for the day in order to get work done and enjoy a change of venue.  We tried it, and it does provide relief!  See our story here.  

When you consider how hard it has been for the travel industry, you will appreciate this story. Last year in Paso Robles, the new Paso Market Walk food hall and hotel-like studios opened in Paso Robles, and while it was slated to open in March, it had to be delayed and delayed.  It finally opened last August. Now the word is getting out, and we are thrilled to share it with you.  Read our view of  the Paso Market Walk and The Lofts  And find out what you can do in town in our article, "Five Reasons to Go to Paso."   

It's high time for some levity and joy.  Have kids who love fairytales and Hobbit-like fantasies?  Head to Carmel-by-the-Sea.  In our article on Carmel Cottages, you can see these charming structures from the early 20th century that are still inhabited.  

Getting COVID fog?  When you see the Carmel cottages, then stay overnight at the Hofsas House, great for families. See our review of Hofsas House Hotel.  You will want to book it right away. It's got a Bavarian vibe, and for the kids there's a pool and breakfast daily. A true getaway at only $145-$300 a night.  

Stay safe, stay healthy, and be good to others. 

Kathy Chin Leong
Executive Editor

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