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The Spring Go List: Napa, Arizona, Utah

As the rains come to a close (we hope), and the sunshine beams stronger than ever, it's time to go outside and hike and frolic, even swim! In this issue, we take you to Napa to visit Indian Springs Resort.  Nestled in Calistoga, the resort has been around since the 1800s, and has recently been renovated. It's got an Olympic-sized pool with snack area, and all the activities you need to enjoy a weekend away. Check out our review: Indian Springs Resort: A Step Back in Time, A Great Leap Forward. 

And what to do this spring break? If you are still in the mood to go skiing, try out the most wonderful powder on the slopes of Utah. We take you to Park City, Ogden, and Salt Lake. These beautiful cities are worth a visit for their history, their eats, and their architecture.  The flight to Salt Lake is less than two hours away, and if you board Alaska Airlines, you can get a day skiing pass to Snow Basin ski resort. See our story: Whooshing in Utah

For those who prefer to stay warm, we offer you a visit to Arizona. Check out Barbara Sloan's review of Arizona resorts

We here at Bay Area Family always appreciate things that are practical, useful, or plain fun. In this issue, we highlight Keysocks for women's practical sock needs, a fun book on travel to London for kids, and a new infused goat cheese that is a good go-to for quick bites on the road. Check out our Spring Products Page for this cool info. 

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Happy Easter!

Kathy Chin Leong
Executive Editor


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